I Don’t Wanna Dance (2021) - Feature film

‘A real-life story, played by the boy who lived it.’

Joey (15) needs to decide whether to pull out of the destructive dance with his mother, or stay with her at the cost of his own happiness.

This project is funded by the Dutch Film Fund.

I Don’t Wanna Dance had its (online) world premiere on the 23rd of April 2021 at the Movies that Matter film festival ‘21 and was released in Dutch cinemas (commercial and arthouse chains) on june 10th 2021. The film will have a cinematic release in Belgium later in 2022.

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Review (Dutch) by De Filmrecensent: 8,5/10 (may ‘21)

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Crew & cast:
Joey: Yfendo van Praag
Daphne: Romana Vrede
Ricardo: Eliyah de Randamie
Roy: Daniel Kolf
Julian: Sean William Bogaers
Tante Rita: Aisa Winter
Oom Kenneth: Benjamin Vlijt
Roxan: Chardonnay Vermeer
Frouwkje: Lilith Vermeulen

Director: Flynn von Kleist
Writer: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat
Producer: The Rogues
D.O.P.: Tim Kerbosch
Editor: Fatih Tura
Sound Design: Regard Ibrahim
Production Design: Tim Balk
Composer: Terence Dunn
Trailer: Intermission

Length: 89'

Festival screenings & awards:

- Movies that Matter film festival (April ‘21) nominated for Dutch Movies Matter Award

- Giffoni Film Festival, Italy (July ‘21) Winner Gryphon Award (GENERATOR +13)

- 33rd Galway Film Fleadh, Ireland (July ‘21) Nominee Feature Film Award
- Dutch Film Festival (Sep ‘21) Nominated for 2 golden calves: Best Screenplay & Best Leading Role (Romana Vrede)
- Film Festival Schlingel, Germany (Oct ‘21)
- Sguardi Altrove Women's Film Festival, Italy (Oct ‘21)
- Talinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia (Nov ‘21)
- Panorama of The European Film, Egypt (Nov ‘21)
- Castellinaria Festival del Cinema Giovane, Switzerland (Nov ‘21) Won Castello D'Oro Award & ASPI Award
- Zagreb Film Festival (Nov ‘21)
- International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!, Poland (Dec ‘21) - JEF Jeugdfilm Festival, Belgium (Feb ‘22)
- BUFF Film festival (Mar ‘22) Nominee The Church of Sweden Award & Young Film Jury Award
- Febiofest Prague, Czech Republic (Apr ‘22) - Toronto International Film Festival (Apr ‘22) Canada Special Edition: TIFF - Next Wave - Locarno Film Festival, Italy (Aug ‘22) Special Edition: Locarno Kids Screenings