Love Storey (2009) - Graduation film IADT

Gerry works the graveyard shift as a security guard in a deserted office block and lives by the clock. Every night is the same as the last and is followed by the next and the one after that. The clock, and Gerry's well-worn routine, ensures that nothing ever changes: until something does.

Love Storey is the simple tale of a lonely man who finds hope in an unlikely place. 

Cast & crew:
Gerry: Jack Walsh
Joan: Niamh Shaw
The Tramp: Don Conroy
Replacement Guard: Danny Kehoe

Director: Flynn von Kleist
Writer: Kevin Fetherston
Producer: Kevin Fetherston
D.O.P.: Evan Barry

Festivals & awards:
-Amsterdam Student Festival 2010 (won film category)
-screened at the Van Gogh Museum 2010

Length: 12'
Genre: comedy
Format: super16