Patagonia (2015) - TV film

Stella (23), Mike (25) and their 5-year-old son Noah have been wandering around Europe for years. Their goal is Patagonia, but the struggle to survive overshadows their dream. Slowly Stella starts recognizing that 'to live' isn't just about gaining experiences along the way, but also means to root and accept life as it is.

This project was selected for funding by broadcaster NTR as part of One Night Stand 10, a category of the Delta Plan for young film makers and premieried at the Dutch Film Festival 2015. The film was broadcast on TV in December 2015.

Cast & crew:
Mike: Maarten Ketels
Stella: Zoë Thielemans
Noah: Zeger Devillé

Director: Flynn von Kleist
Writer: Lenina Ungari
Producer: Topkapi Film

-Netherlands Film Festival 2015 (Competed for the Golden Calf for Best Television Drama)

Length: 45'